After (-232 Lbs)

Before (450+ Lbs)

Before (450+ Lbs)

Michael Stanley left the corporate management world behind to launch Superior Lives. He brings decades of experience with setting goals, staying motivated, and celebrating success!
Superior Lives is whole heartedly committed to bringing encouragement to all. Let us bring our passion to your event.

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Your event can be a spectacular, life changing, and powerful influence to better the lives of all those attending! The Superior Lives group would love to participate with our positive, enthusiastic, and joyful suite of services. We bring energy, motivation, and hope, so that your attendies can leave with a spring in their step, and whistle on their lips, and a song in their heart.

Before (450+ Lbs)

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

― Henry David Thoreau"

After (-232 Lbs)

After (-232 Lbs)

We have a deep understanding of how to motivate even the most reluctant of teammates. We know that people want to be excited about what they do.


  • Keynotes - Each keynote address can be from 15 min to one hour.  

  • Seminars - Seminars are from one to four hours, and come with handouts for the audience. Longer seminars can be prepared, please speak to a representative for information.    

  • Training - Breakout sessions for 15 min to one hour. Interactive Classroom style with handouts.    

Topics Available Are:

  • Why get healthy? Weight loss support
    What does getting healthy even mean? Why should we bother. In this topic, we explore the many great reasons getting health is a good idea.

  • Become the Person You Admire. - Motivational
    We all have a better version of ourselves we wish we were more like. This topic explores how to define, and become that person.  

  • Your New Model Year! - Motivational
    In one year, you will be a different person. Here is great information on how to transform yourself for the better!"    

  • Dream, Create, and Enjoy. Repeat as needed. - Better Living
    The success formula everyone can follow, and everyone should!

  • Build a Better Dream. - Better Living
    If you do not have a vision of your future, how do you get one? This topic helps attendees develop a clear vision of their best life. A critical step in the journey forward.

  • Why Are We Obese? - Weight Loss Support
    ​We all know how to manage weight, how is it so many struggle. There are many hidden, and surprising obstacles on the road to better health. In this topic, we explore the potholes, and develop strategies for avoiding them."    

  • You Are Worthy! - Weight Loss Support
    You take care of what you love. In this topic, we work on making your body something you love to take care of.

  • How to Keep Beginners Coming Back to Your Gym. -
    Fitness Business Support
    If you work involves helping people get fit, you know the struggle with getting beginners to be consistent with their workouts. This topic explores methods and strategies that work! Stop losing so many of the New Year Resolution crowd.

  • Defeat Fear Forever! - Motivational
    The only true obstacle to getting the live you want is fear. Learn how to defeat fear, and never let it stop you again!

  • Create the Life You Want - Motivational
    Now you have a vision of your best possible life. How do you go about getting it? The answers may surprise you.

  • The Superior Lives Method - Better Living
    What exactly is a Superior Life? We will define this philosophy, and explore how it may be a boon for you and your loved ones.

  • Leaf In a Stream. - Motivational
    We either make life happen, or it happens to us. This topic explores how to make sure our lives unfold how we want instead of drifting through.